A. Film
B. Press
C. Outdoor
D. Radio
E. Film Craft
F. Design
G. Interactive
H. Creative use of Media
I. PR projects
J. Marketing Services projects
K. Advertising Campaigns

B-10. Tourism and travel, entertainment, culture and sport

Not in series
B-10-31 Red Towel
Ad and ArtStill lifeLeft behind in the forest
B-10-7 Insomnia
B-10-8 Problems
B-10-9 Stress
B-10-10 Rush
B-10-11 Ziger
B-10-12 Frogodile
B-10-13 Squirrilla
Copywriters ClubCinema Spring FlowersKinoclub na VinzavodeMusic & Movie
B-10-27 King
B-10-28 Paradise
B-10-29 West
B-10-30 Velvet