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F-9-4. Aqua Piano

AgencyLeo Burnett
Creative headMartin Zimmer
Author of ideaTimur Bekirov
Productfashion collection
DescriptionThe agency came up with a plug-in idea for an introduction of a new fashion collection. We’ve developed a unique decoration element keeping in mind that our goal was not to interrupt people but involve and please them while exploring the new fashion collection. Our purpose was to create an authentic conversation with the audience and give an unforgettable experience, delivered as jazz music for your senses while your eyes follow the water-fountains in the same rhythm.
Aqua piano became a non-standard plug-in at the fashion event, this beautiful, eye- and ear-catching interior design solution entertained people positively, surprised them and created a great buzz.

To understand the idea better and see our creation in work please have a look at the video uploaded onto

Team membersTimur Dzhiembaev - Creative Group Head