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F-10-5. Eternal triangle Martini

AgencyR&I Group
Creative headViola Gasanova
Author of ideaR&I Group

We never have any campaigns in the summer because it is a dead time sales wise because only cold drinks are sold well in the summer.
The weather forecasters predicted a VERY HOT summer! And then we came up with this crazy idea! We decided to have a campaign in the SUMMER WHEN OUR COMPETITORS ARE ON VACATION AND ARE JUST PLANNING THEIR FALL CAMPAIGNS?!
The client believed us and we started working on the project immediately.
We came up with an idea on how TO SELL MARTINI WHEN IT'S HOT!
What do people usually think of when it's melting hot outside? Of course they are thinking about something VERY COLD AND ICY. It means that you have to sell Martini with ice. But in order for us to be noticed we had to sell it with A LOT OF ICE, much more ice than you would normally see in a glass!
Team membersR&I Group