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F-11-7. The World's Deepest Website

AgencyOgilvy Group Ukraine
Creative headWill Rust, Alexandra Doroguntsova
Author of ideaMisha Valeyev, Alexandra Doroguntsova, Taras Dzendrovskii
DescriptionAt present, almost everyone knows that Borjomi mineral water cleanses the body due to its unique composition, which was acquired in the depths of the Georgian mountains. But very few are aware of what its uniqueness mean. So the new Borjomi advertising campaign is devoted to revealing this secret.
Team membersArt Director: Taras Dzendrovskii, Dima Lebedev, Copywriter: Evgeniya Dzyubenko, Account Supervisor: Zoriana Kachurak, Nina Vasilchenko, Martin Alles, Victor Ishkov, Producer: Irina Pigal, Victor Firsanov (Fix Digital), Production House: Fix Digital, Positive Pictures (Textures), Umbrella (Case Film)