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E. Film Craft
F. Design
G. Interactive
H. Creative use of Media
I. PR projects
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K. Advertising Campaigns

G-1-5. yo-mobile

Creative headBogdan Korovets
Author of ideaBogdan Korovets, Andrey Borodko, Misha Gurinovich
ProductTrendy People's Hybrid Dual Fuel ё-mobile
Description150 000 Pre-order per week! Another Car — Another Site! Hybrid Dual Fuel — Hybrid Dual Flash/Script Technology Site! When buying a ё-mobile, you save the family budget and make your contribution to environmental protection and innovative web-development of BelaRussia
Team membersBogdan Korovets, Andrey Borodko, Misha Gurinovich, Sasha Khrischanovich, Sergey Yanchenko