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G-2-8. Call from the Squirrel

AgencyLLC "AIlove"
Creative headAndrey Belyatskiy (Ailove), Andrew Pachai (Ailove)
Author of ideaOleg Zhdanov (Ailove), Ruslana Kharitonova (Znamenka)
Productантиалкогольная кампания
DescriptionTo create the effect of two-way communication for the first time in advertising, we used Skype, which allows making calls not only on Skype, but also on the user’s phones.
Team membersAuthor of texts: Igor Borisov (Znamenka)
Producer: Ignati Novoselov (Ailove)
Art director, designer: Anatoly Shebzukhov (Ailove)
Coding and scripting by Anton Zhukov (Ailove)
Programming: Yuri Barsukov (Ailove)
Server Configuration and Administration: Paul Slobodenyuk (Ailove)
Copyright: Ruslan Kharitonov (Znamenka), Igor Borisov (Znamenka), Dmitry Grebnev (Znamenka), Anastasia Ryabtseva (Ailove)
Flasher: Ivan Zubov (Ailove)