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G-4-24. Quest

AgencyDEFA Interaktiv
Creative headVadim Igonin
Author of ideaVadim Igonin
ProductKIA Rio
DescriptionIn 2011, the new KIA Rio was launched. The agency was tasked with developing a marketing campaign for the vehicle a few months prior to its official release in order to constantly increase interest in this event.
A contract was signed in advance with the popular TV presenter Anton Komolov, who ultimately became the “face” of the advertising campaign for this new vehicle.
Main campaign concept: The shooting and promotion of a series of movie trailers for the fictitious film “QUEST”, featuring the KIA Rio. Each new trailer only served to heighten the suspense for viewers – could this really be a new blockbuster movie?
You can find the answer to this question in our video case.
Team membersСopywriter: Roman Urban
Art direction: Vadim Igonin
Project management: Alla Alexandrova, Yuri Stepanov, Alexandra Puzatova
Design: Nazir Khasavov, Anna Kobceva, Ruslan Mirsalikhov, Mikhail Konovalov
Flash-development: Vladimir Minaev
Programming: Alexey Kazakov, Ivan Kocheev, Ivan Grebnev, Vitaly Kirenkov