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G-6-4. Lucky Birds

AgencyArticul Media
Creative headEgor Aristakesyan
Author of ideaEgor Aristakesyan
ProductМобильное приложение

Make a mobile game application that will allow the department to show the level of mobile development agency.
Earn a reputation as experts in the field.
Earn money.
Lucky Birds - a game for iphone
"Lucky bird" - a few of the characters, each with its own character, demeanor, reaction to the actions of the player, finally, a weight that is important to fulfill the mission the game. The mission is to move all the birds, randomly on the wires in their houses. Of course, overcoming obstacles, collecting keys and bonuses, unlocking locks and solving logic charades, dodging dangers and tricks that can "kill" the feathered hero.
Support for 7 languages
The game is localized in 7 languages: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese. Starting from February 6th iPhone users can buy Lucky Birds in AppStore. After a couple of months the product will be available for phones running Android, and closer to the summer will come of all those who are accustomed to playing on the iPad.

First day sales:
Number 1 in Russia, Moldova ...
Top10 Slovenia, Kazakhstan, ...
Top100 China ...
Rating: 5 stars!
40,000 + references on Google

7 invitations as an expert on Russian and international conferences on "Mobile Applications", to strengthen in the minds of consumer that «Articul Media - an expert in the field of mobile applications and mobile games"

Signed a contract for custom game development and porting to another platform from a leading international brand, and several contracts for mobile games to promote the brand (Russian company)
Team membersDenis Kirillov