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LM-G-6-1. Virtual Hot Water Bottle

AgencyYoung & Rubicam Kiev
Creative headDmitriy Barsukov
Author of ideaYegor Kharkoff, Ivan Tsupka
DescriptionUronefron is a remedy for cystitis.
Target audience: women 18-45.

Symptomatic pain from cystitis could be relieved by applying a hot water bottle on a lower part of the stomach.

We created world’s first website that turns your notebook computer into Virtual Hot Water Bottle!

User is instructed to put notebook on the bottom of her stomach and click "Warm Me Up!"button. She sees a video with rubber hot water bottle from first person view, as if it would be laying on her stomach.
Hot water bottle starts to sing a soothing song — a parody to Barry White's romantic hit adored by women.
The script from the website starts to quickly heat up her notebook by loading the processor and video card.

Voila — the notebook is turned into a Virtual Hot Water Bottle!
Uronefron — the only remedy that helps you EVEN BEFORE it was bought!

P. S.
Don’t worry, the computer is safe.
Team membersYegor Kharkoff, Ivan Tsupka