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G-8-2. Pushkin's rap

AgencyGREAT Advertising Group
Creative headDmitriy Makarov
Author of ideaDmitriy Makarov, Ksenia Buksha
ProductAnti-racism on the terraces
DescriptionThe history and fame of St. Petersburg are inextricably intertwined with Pushkin. Squares, streets and buildings bear the poet’s name, and the rhythms of his immortal verse form the very heartbeat of the city.

And when a supporter of the city’s football team, Zenit St. Petersburg, threw a banana at famous Brazilian star Roberto Carlos, an international scandal erupted, and the football community called on Zenit to be brought to account. Who, the football world wanted to know, would tackle the problem of racism at Zenit’s stadium? Pushkin?

The club responded thus:
Of course, Pushkin!
Because Pushkin is in all of us.
Even the most hardcore skinhead has fond childhood memories of Pushkin’s tales.
And, of course, because ‘the father of Russian poetry’ was himself dark-skinned.

Thus the idea for a project entitled ‘The Father of Russian Poetry at Zenit’ was born.

The well-known artist Nikolai Kopeikin and the country’s most famous rapper Noize MC were asked to take part in the project. As a result, an animated version of Pushkin was transformed into a Zenit fan, and appeared in a cartoon singing ‘The Pushkin Rap’.
Team membersArt director Kirill Rojkov, Yuriy Vorobiev
Copiwriter Ksenia Buksha, Andrey Danskov