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G-9-10. IKEA "Change your view in the kitchen"

Creative headRoman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov, Kolya Fabrika
Author of ideaRoman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov, Kolya Fabrika
ProductIKEA Kitchen
DescriptionWe created an interactive story online where visitors could travel through the kitchens by transmigrating from one character to another and see functional features from different perspectives: with the eyes of a grandma, a three-year-old, a cat and even a fly.
Team membersCreative director: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov
Digital Creative Director: Kolya Fabrika
Author: Yaroslav Orlov
Art director: Roman Firainer
Multimedia-designers, programmers and ect.: Actionfilm
Internet agency: B-Reel