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H-1-3. Share your cheerful mood!

AgencyAA Voskhod
Creative head-
Author of idea-
ProductNastroenie ice-cream

Share Your Cheerful Mood!

People’s greetings:
- Hi brothers!
- Hi Krasnoyarsk!
- Hiya!
- Hello!
- Hi all!
- Krasnoyaaarsk!
- Hi, I’m Ivan.
- I live and study in Moscow.
- Greetings to my home town of Krasnoyarsk!
- I’m Roma. Greetings from St. Pete!
- Greetings from the sunny Kuban region!
- I’m Olesya. Sending my love to Krasnoyarsk, school No 11, grade 11B and my friend Anya.
- Give my regards to my favourite city Krasnoyarsk, to all the people who live there, to my family and especially to my two sisters Irina and Yulia from the sunny capital.
- All my love to my girlfriend Anechka, my friends and my parents! I’ll soon get discharged from the army.
- I love you!
- See you around the New Year!
- I’ll be back soon and will bring oranges and tangerines; you’ll have everything you need!
- Mum and dad, I’ll soon come home for my vacation!
- Happy holidays! Love and kisses!
- All the very best to you!
- I’m doing fine, hope to see you soon.
- Bye-bye!
The announcer:
Record your message on делисьнастроением.рф website and your loved ones will hear it on the radio!
Nastroenie is a swirl ice cream with your favorite jam. Share your cheerful mood!
Another person:
- I hope it recorded OK …
Team members-