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H-1-5. Khutorok is what your soul wishes

Creative headTsomaya Victoria, marketing director LTD «Crimea Vodka Company», Sherstyuk Victor, director UM
Author of ideaLTD «Crimea Vodka Company», UM, 1+1
ProductVodka Khutorok
DescriptionKhutorok welcomes you to warm and hospitable world of Ukrainian khutir (farm), where everything is done sincerely with love near rich and bounteous Ukrainian table with home Ukrainian dishes and shot of Ukrainian horilka! To distract the customer from daily household routine and business issues by khutorok (farm), where one spent his/her childhood, where one’s parents and grandparents live, where to one wants to come back without breaking the legislative limitations of advertising alcohol products, we created a project in which TM Khutorok was a general partner of 1+1 TV channel.
Team membersTeam of the agency:
Sherstyuk Victor, director
Papanova Natalia, strategic planning director
Mosol Andrey, Head of sponsorship department
Potapenko Anastasia, media planning Group head
Khablenko Sergei, senior media planner
Team of the client:
Tsomaya Victoria, marketing director
Korolchuk Sergei, brand manager
Marich Nikolay, junior brand manager