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H-1-9. Skittles Crab

AgencyDDB Russia
Creative headAnna Denisova
Author of ideaDDB Russia with OMD Media Direction
DescriptionDDB Russia in cooperation with media partners Fuse BBDO and OMD Media Direction has launched the advertising campaign.
Instead of traditional blocks of ads in movie theatres , Skittles offers to play with the Crab-Rastafarian, that appears on the screen and asks the audience in the room to team up and to manage him by hands raised up. At the heart of the game is the technology with the use of video cameras with motion detector. The audience in the room raises hands and moves them to the right or left, and the game character follows the hands movement. The task is to collect sour fruits and berries, ignoring inedible items and sweet food.
Team membersAnton Volovsky - Senior Art Director
Andrey Lee - Copywriter