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H-3-8. A Profile Picture is Worth a Thousand Word

Creative headLevan Lepsveridze
Author of ideaGiorgi Burtchuladze
ProductBank, Financial Services
DescriptionFor years Bank Constanta has run a successful business in the Georgian countryside offering small loans to farmers. Recently the bank decided to expand in Tbilisi, the capital, to attract more deposits. However, the financial institution with rural origins didn’t appeal to urban customers. Our challenge was to make the rural bank popular in the big city without forgetting its roots.

The solution was to find a way for the people of Tbilisi to celebrate their own rural heritage. We targeted the most personalized space on Facebook - profile pictures, and transformed this intimate form of self expression into means of spreading our message for free: “We all come from the countryside!”

The campaign was driven by an application which allowed Facebook audience to create unique characters in their own image. Users selected gender, hair styles, facial features, and dressed their characters in traditional rural clothing. Finally, people set these avatars as profile pictures with a note highlighting their pride with rural origins. Liberating their imagination, users could couple their characters with those of their loved ones, design avatars for their friends, and see what others had already created. The application offered Tbilisi residents a social way to connect with their roots, so Facebook profile pictures became a mouthpiece for our “propaganda.”
Team membersIuza Tevzadze, COO
Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili, CEO
Lasha Simonishvili, Art Director
Nino Lazarishvili, Illustrator
Salome Kelenjeridze, Project executive
Giorgi Maisuradze, Developer
Sergey Ermailov, Developer
Giorgi Avaliani, Copywriter