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Creative headElvira Kuptsova, OMD Fuse Senior Manager, OMD OM Group
Author of ideaAlexandra Zadoya, OMD Optimum Media Account Director, OMD OM Group
ProductPersil laundry detergent

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Challenge: To invigorate Persil's Russian consumer base by capturing the interests and purchase preferences of young adults (aged 16-29), with long-term potential of converting them to future brand loyalists.

Insight: Persil, as with all laundry brands, had no brand resonance among young adults. The category was seen as functional, dull and boring. Purchase was price-driven or delegated to older family members.

However, with increased purchasing power, young adults across Russia took great pride in possessions and clothes that socially made them look good, be noticed and increased personal confidence.

Persil, to be at all successful in building any positive brand awareness among this audience, had to tap into the brand's ability to make our potential consumers and their clothes look brilliant. 'Persil Brilliance' was the brand variant chosen to build an engaging brand dialogue with this audience.

Creative Execution

'Sensation' mega-party is the must-go evening of the year; 25,000 dance-goers travel to St.Petersburg. Like all dance gigs, it essential to wear your best. It's hard to get noticed at Sensation having totally white dress code!

Given clothes washed in Persil Brilliance would be 'super-white', especially under ultra-violet light, we hit upon our communication idea.


Persil became an event sponsor. To drive brand engagement we created a viral campaign: THE PERSIL BRILLIANCE SENSATION DANCE.

Five weeks before the event we launched a web-platform and invited youth to video themselves dancing in their best whites. The web-platform was promoted through a viral of Persil Brilliance Polar Bears. It was fun, unique and an instant hit.

As social networkers voted for favorite dancers, news spread. We ensured advertising support on key youth media: MTV, biggest social network Vkontakte and clubbing sites.

Results and Effectiveness

The success of Persil engagement delivered amazing results:
• Consumer engagement:
o Viral activity >4 million of 16-29 online
o 116,000 people visited promo-site: 75 times higher vs usual monthly persil.ru visitors
o 10,000 people voted online
o At Sensation: 2,000 clubbers received special photos courtesy of Persil Brilliance, one out of every 3 went home with Persil Gel (>9,000 sachets distributed)
• Persil Brilliance sales grew +27% Q3'2011 vs Q2 (Source: Henkel)
• Project awareness 1.5 higher: 9% of 16-29 vs 6% nationwide (Source: ATS)
• Communication value: Social engagement and resulting PR achieved media coverage worth 3 million rubles
Team membersStas Lazarev, OMD Optimum Media - Media Service Director, OMD OM Group
Alexandra Zadoya, OMD Optimum - Media Account Director, OMD OM Group
Mila Dyagileva, OMD Optimum Media - Senior Media Manager, OMD OM Group
Elvira Kuptsova, OMD Fuse - Senior Manager, OMD OM Group
Anton Dergobuzov, OMD Digital - Group Head, OMD OM Group
Olga Karaseva, OMD Digital - Manager, OMD OM Group
Vladimir Garev, Creative Director, GRAPE
Evgeniya Korneeva, Senior Creator, GRAPE
Lev Kegeles, Senior Account Manager, GRAPE
Valentin Konurin, Brand Manager, Henkel