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H-5-11. Pepsi Graffiti

Creative headAnastasia Bossert, OMD Fuse Manager, OMD OM Group
Author of ideaPavel Reznikov, OMD Optimum Media Account Director, OMD OM Group
DescriptionInsights, Strategy and the Idea

In 2011, Moscow set multiple heat records over the summer, leaving the city boiling hot for what seemed like forever.

Communicate that Pepsi is great at cooling you down in the hottest weather.
Get young Russians talking about Pepsi.

The young generation really hates ads and rejects traditional advertising.

Needed: an innovative way to open a dialog with Russia's youth.

Pepsi projects a fun, rebel spirit, so we looked for something that would really speak to fun rebels. They spend their summers outside, hanging out, skateboarding, creating graffiti…

That’s it! Let THEM create the ads they want!
Pepsi graffiti – a perfect fit in Moscow’s urban landscape, attention-grabbing and “rule-breaking”, and the same attitude as our audience.

Creative Execution

We invited Russia's most awarded graffiti artists to meet with Pepsi. We asked them to create artwork illustrating the idea «Refresh Yourself in Big Gulps».

For the first time ever, the Brand did not dictate any conditions. The artists were free to create.

To refresh the city’s summer landscape, we rented several walls near popular youth hang-outs: VVTs (the All-Russian Exhibition Center), Arma (art-media-fashion-club), Vinzavod (modern arts center) and Novy Arbat Street. The walls were not regular advertising spaces, which helped create the impression of an “unauthorized”, “rebel” campaign. We hired a team of graffiti artists, who created individual designs for each location.

To deliver the graffiti beyond Moscow, we created a video that we seeded across the internet. The video showed graffiti artists at work on a hot summer day. As they drink Pepsi, snow begins to fly until they are able to have a snowball fight.

Results and Effectiveness

Moscow has a population of about 11.5 million. Based on Espar data, we estimate that during 2 months the 4 sites amassed more than 10 million contacts.

Advertising professionals discussed the Pepsi graffiti online, making an unprecedented number of positive remarks (the average Russian uses internet as a “safe” way to be negative).

And more importantly, those same young people, who hate ads, began talking about the Pepsi Graffiti on social networks.

We guaranteed 191,000 video views in the first month, based on our seeding strategy, and that the number of views would reach 260,000 within several more months. However, in just the first month we reached 382,500 views – double our guarantee and 47% higher than our initial forecast!
Team membersPavel Reznikov, OMD Optimum Media Account Director, OMD OM Group
Anastasia Romanovskaya, OMD Optimum Media Media Manager, OMD OM Group
Anastasia Bossert, OMD Fuse Manager, OMD OM Group
Vladimir Trofimov, OMD OM Buying Deputy OOH Director, OMD OM Group