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H-5-22. Jail-Construction

AgencyTDI Group
Creative headFilazapovich Sergey
Author of ideaArtem Cheley
ProductThe International Organization for Migration
DescriptionBackground In 2011 the flow of people leaving to work from Belarus to neighboring countries has sharply increased due to unstable financial situation and economic straits. More than 50% leaving abroad are males of building specialties. Challenge: Going to work abroad they do not think about honesty and law-abiding of their future employers. In the result they become victims of labor slavery: they don’t received promised money, proper nutrition, become victims of physical abuse. Objectives: To draw attention of the target audience and the public to this issue. Solution: To demonstrate that going to work abroad you risk being in bondage! For security purposes each project site on a mandatory basis must be fenced around. So we decided to make the fence as a part of ad message. The figures of builders were installed behind the fences of the sites. These figures created a sense that staying on the site they are under hatches. Next with the figures the signs with hotline number of the International Organization for Migration and simple and clear message for the target audience were placed. The message was as follows: “Going to work abroad you risk losing your freedom! Inquire about the employer”. Results: More than thirty free publications were received in the media. Some of them were published in the main Internet portals and newspapers.
Team membersDesigner Angelina Velitskaya
copywriter Artem Cheley