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I-1-14. Celebration in YOUR Street!

AgencyCreative Team: Romanov Oleg, Ina Nasovich, Vitaly Zakharov
Creative headOleg Romanov
Author of ideaVitaly Zakharov, Vlad Saveliev, Oleg Romanov
It’s a good New Year tradition with Volkswagen to make original presents to its VIP-clients and partners. At the end of 2011 the agency was asked to come up with creative ideas.

1. Like many other successful people, Volkswagen VIP-clients and partners like attention
2. Good presents are unique

With Volkswagen, a common national holiday becomes more personal. Volkswagen brings celebration to YOUR street!

Celebration in your Street!

Stage 1

Personalized street signs were presented to Volkswagen clients\partners\friends - we made more than 240 street signs with surnames and packed them into branded present boxes. Local clients got their presents personally and foreign friends and partners by post.

Stage 2
On New Year’s Eve the country’s main news portal published news of the day: Volkswagen presents personal streets!
During 24 hours about 44 000 Internet-users got personalized streets via flash-card.

This New Year the world got 44 240 new streets!
Team membersVitaly Zakharov, Vlad Saveliev, Oleg Romanov, Ina Nasovich, Vadim Durovich, Nadezhda Prilutskaya, Yuri Kuznetsov, Vitaly Degtyarev, Pavel Zlenko