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AgencyTDI Group
Creative headFilazapovich Sergey
Author of ideaArtem Cheley
Productуслуга «Срочный безлимит»
DescriptionThe mobile operator has been having a service "Urgent Unlimited" for a long time, allowing unlimited number of free calls within MTS network for only 1,500 Belarusian rubles per day. However, despite all its advantage and easiness, the service is not popular among customers. Goal: To give a second life to the service "Urgent Unlimited" among customers.Problem: The minimal budget. Insight: As a rule, slightly drunk people have a thirst to talk on a cell phone to their old friends, and at this moment people do not notice how much they spend on calls. This phenomenon is usually referred as "Drunken Tariff On."Solution: We decided to inform customers about the service "Urgent Unlimited" at the moment when they have a necessity for such a telephone conversation, that is in bars. For this purpose, we made a series of coasters with the information about the service and some provoking phrases.

Haven’t called your ex for ages?
Activate MTS Urgent Unlimited 24 Hours Calls!
Team membersCopywriter - Artem Cheley
Designer - Gotovko Katja