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J-4-16. The talking mirror for the 8th of March

AgencyDirect Design Visual Branding
Creative headLeonid Feigin, Dmitry Perishkov
Author of ideaElena Makarova, Nelya Hanafieva
ProductThe talking mirror for the 8th of March
DescriptionOn the 8th of March, women get receive more compliments than on any other day of the year. Like Snow White, we give the fair ladies a special that tells best and brightest compliments at any time of the day. All it takes is to push the magiс button and one hears the tender words addressed to our ladies.

The result is dozens of grateful letters. The girls rejoice at their presents, their girlfriends listen to all of the wonderful compliments, and thus our audience increases substantially.
Team membersCreative directors: Leonid Feigin, Dmitry Perishkov
Creative team: Elena Makarova, Nelya Hanafieva
Production: Alena Borisova
Producer: Marina Lokteeva