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J-4-2. Celebration in Your Street!

AgencyCreative Team: Romanov Oleg, Ina Nasovich, Vitaly Zakharov
Creative headOleg Romanov
Author of ideaVitali Zakharov, Vlad Savelev, Oleg Romanov
It’s a good New Year tradition with Volkswagen to make original presents to its VIP-clients and partners. At the end of 2011 the agency was asked to come up with creative ideas.

Our Thinking
1. Like many other successful people, Volkswagen VIP-clients and partners like attention
2. Good presents are unique presents, not universal

Volkswagen makes a big national holiday more personal - with Volkswagen, celebration comes to YOUR street!

Idea for Present
A personalized street sign with a client’s surname on it

Stage 1
Personalized street signs (avenues, alleys, parkways, etc.) were presented to Volkswagen clients\partners\friends.

We made more than 240 street signs with surnames of Volkswagen friends and partners and packed them into branded present boxes.

Local clients were congratulated personally and foreign friends and partners got their presents by post.

Stage 2
On New Year’s Eve the country’s main news portal in Belarus (www.tut.by) published the news of the day:

Volkswagen presents personal streets!

About 44 000 internet-users got Volkswagen New Year greetings and personalized streets via flash-card.

This flash-card was also used to congratulate friends and partners by e-mail.

This New Year the world got 44 240 new streets!
Team membersVitali Zakharov, Vlad Savelev, Oleg Romanov, Ina Nasovich, Vitaly Degtyarev, Yuri Kuznetsov, Nadya Prilutskaya, Zlenko Pavel