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J-5-17. Hercules Ice-cream Panda Campaign

AgencyOgilvy Group Ukraine
Creative headWill Rust, Misha Valeyev
Author of ideaMisha Valeyev, Evgeniya Dzyubenko, Yura Zharko
DescriptionThe challenge was to increase sales of coldest product during coldest season by 10%. In other words, sell snow to Eskimo.
So we decided to sell ice-cream online with flexible discount according to temperature outside. And the ice-cream was delivered by heroes from the packs — panda, pilot and squirrel on bikes.
Team membersArt Director: Yura Zharko, Copywriter: Evgeniya Dzyubenko, Yura Kabasin, Director: Ferenc Benesch, Head of Strategic Planning: Sergey Vovk, Producer: Irina Pigal, Designer: Nadia Diachenko, Managing Director: Victor Ishkov, Account Manager: Evgeniy Mirolubenko, Digital Producer: Daria Solomenko, Production Manager: Andrey Svyatuk, BTL Agency: 4People, Video Production: 2332, Internet Agency: Digity