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K-1-13. Train your tongue

AgencyOgilvy Group Ukraine
Creative headMisha Valeyev
Author of ideaMisha Valeyev, Alexandra Doroguntsova, Taras Dzendrovskii
DescriptionRelaunching the brave Hercules brand of Ice Cream had two pretty tough challenges. The prices went up, and the sun went down.
Ukraine had one of its worst summers in decades and ice-cream was the last thing people were looking to buy. Additionally, the price increase meant that the advertising needed to create some serious value.We decided to cut through the clutter with an unusually long body part.
The tongue concept spread through many outdoor channels, with fake takeovers of other billboards and even tongues that spanned the entire length of a train. All of this encouraged the nation to prepare their tongues for Hercules ice-cream.
And they did! The campaign became a nationwide trend, with hundreds of free media impressions (SHOW MEDIA IMPRESSIONS), a huge Facebook following (SHOW 50+ OF THE BEST FACEBOOK FAN PHOTOS) and sales results that surpassed all expectations.
Team membersArt Director: Dima lebedev, Copywriter: Evgeniya Dzyubenko, Producer: Irina Pigal, Director: Wayne Halloway, Account Manager: Evgeniy Mirolubenko, Business Director: Victor Ishkov, Svetlana Polyakova, Production Studio: Moloko