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K-1-35. ‘Zerkalochka’ — the advertising campaign camera Lumix GF3

AgencyRed Keds
Creative headVasiliy Lebedev
Author of ideaRed Keds
ProductLumix GF3 camera
DescriptionA provocative viral advertising campaign is setting a challenge to tell everyone about the unique features of Lumix GF3. This camera is of the same quality as DSLR-cameras, but unlike them — it is compact and lightweight.

At the very heart of the entire campaign is the idea that the heavyweight DSLR-camerastime has passed, and they are good only for muscle training. Someone known as Alex Sukhous, an experienced coach, even has decided to open a fitness club where people work out using DSLR-dumbbells. It's because those cameras are only suitable for fitness trainings. But if you want to make high-quality pictures, you should better use the camera Lumix GF3.

Team membersArt director: Rodion Arseniyev
Designer: Ilya Sizov
Copywriters: Danil Morozenko, Lidia Sheynina
Producer: Timur Konusbekov
Video director: Lidia Sheynina
Motion designer: Aleksey Komarov
Strategist: Artem Zhiganov
Manager: Konstantin Chubakov
SMM-specialist: Georgy Sukhorukhov
Aleksey Sukhous: Sergey Tereschenko