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K-2-13. Kazan Kungur news

AgencyAA Voskhod
Creative head-
Author of idea-
ProductKungurski Meat Factory
DescriptionKazan is a city of which you have surely heard. Kazan, also known as the Third Capital of Russia, is home to over one million people. Kungur is a small town nobody would have heard about, if the Kungur meat factory had not begun selling its sausages in Kazan. We had to convince the citizens of Kazan that the delivery of meat products from Kungur happens quickly, keeping the products fresh. To shorten the perceived distance between Kazan and Kungur, a media campaign was launched. Commercials were aired in which residents of Kungur watched Kazan's news on TV. The news anchor delivered news items on the main event of the day. In order to do this, we recorded new soundtracks to videos every day. For example, on July 27, when Kazan's Rubin beat Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League, the video about it was aired. As a result, in one month, 20 videos have been aired, featuring 20 relevant news events from the day they happened. By the end of this campaign, the Kungur meat factory had captured 8% of the highly competitive market in Kazan. Interestingly, during this period, the number of tourists visiting Kungur increased. But we do not claim that this is due to our advertising.
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