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A-1-10. Shebekinskie "The quality has a name!"

Creative headYaroslav Orlov, Roman Firainer
Author of ideaMitya Usov, Yuriy Popov
DescriptionExposing the brain of the strategists, we found that the potential of the brand and the product is not in quality and upon entering the store, the housewife simply does not remember the brand, regardless of the display case for those 3-5 seconds that she has on it to make a decision and run through Department of pasta on the way to the checkout or in the milk.

And we decided to hit right in this - you KNOW us but CAN NOT REMEMBER.
The paradox that can not mind flips, but makes you wonder.
Team membersCreative director: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov
Copywriter: Yuriy Popov, Yaroslav Orlov
Art director: Dmitriy Yusov
Director: Melissa Silverman
Composer: Konstantin Maltsev