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A-5-7. Wash-test: Vibration

AgencyCreative Team: Romanov Oleg, Ina Nasovich, Vitaly Zakharov
Creative headOleg Romanov
Author of ideaOleg Romanov, Sviatoslav Semenitskiy, Vlad Saveliev
Productwashing machines

1. During 50 years of its history ATLANT earned a reputation of a reliable refrigerator manifacturer. But washing machines ATLANT are a relatively new product, and the attitude to this product is just beginning to form.

2. The older generation is loyal to ATLANT, but the younger generation often prefers foreign brands considering them more modern and their products better.


1. Explanation of product benefits.
2. Rejuvenation of the brand image to attract younger audience.
3. Demonstration of high technology and innovations in the product.

Target Audience

Primary (90%): Men and women 35+, income is low or average.
Secondary (10%): Young couples, 20+, income is low or average.


Washing machines ATLANT = reliability and quality.


The reliability of automobiles is proved by series of crash-tests.
The reliability of washing machines ATLANT is proved by series of wash-tests.


By analogy with crash-test laboratories, ATLANT creates a wash-test laboratory with 2 crash dummies testing the functions and properties of ATLANT washing machines, thus proving their exceptional reliability.

Crash dummies are main heroes in video and outdoor adverts. Each image/spot reveals one of the advantages of ATLANT washing machine.
Team membersOleg Romanov, Sviatoslav Semenitskiy, Vlad Saveliev, Lera Pertsova, Vadim Durovich, Ina Nasovich, Vitaly Zakharov