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AgencyMcCann Erickson Russia
Creative headVladimir Constantin
Author of ideaAnastasia Kuris/Alexander Porshnev
ProductARBIDOL Anti-flu and anti-cold medicine
Description3 curing effects of the Arbidol medicine are introduced as "a medicine
with a 3D effect".
The TVCs are edited in a movie trailer style for a 3D action blockbuster. A
technical feature of a movie "3D" is used to describe a medicine with
3D (3Actions -a noun "D-eistvie"
in Russian language means "Action"). 3D movie is compared to a 3D-eistvie (3 Actions) medicine.
Team membersVladimir Constantin - Creative Director
Anastasia Kuris - Copywriter
Alexander Porshnev - Art Director
Oksana Kondratieva - Producer
Vlad Opelyants - Director/Cameraman