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A-17-7. Stop burning out your money!

Creative headMushenko Aleksandra
Author of ideaMushenko Aleksandra
DescriptionWhile printing, you waste your money. Burning your money. INKSYSTEM has already mentioned this: CISS helps to save while printing. How much can you save? We have engineered a special construction to demonstrate the way you spend. Is it illegal to burn money? We have no idea, though we made this for you! Take a look at this performance and forget about burning YOUR money! ( it is translated into 7 languages)
Team membersproduction team:
Director - Aleksandra Mushenko
Operator - Alexey Kulikov

Development engineer the system:
Alexander Danilenko

Technical Consultant:
Alexander Chuklov

Murashko Marianna
Bogdan Zrobok
Alexander Moskalenkov

Marianne Murashko
Alex Sobolev

Vladislav Demchenko

Composer - Anton Tsyuh
Speaker - Mark Schuckert
Audio recording - Andrew Chernukha
Reduction - Eugene Kazanov