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B-11-9. Room

AgencyTWIGA Moscow
Creative headAnna Gladkova
Author of ideaAnna Gladkova
SeriesInflatable guitar
ProductA chain of rehearsal studios in Moscow
DescriptionMusicians often compare the creative musical process with sexual experience.
We have built this campaign around this insight. Only the real experience brings not only amazing sensation but also allows to become better at it: in terms of sex we are talking about a sex with the partner; in terms of music we are talking about rehearsing at the professional rehearsal studios. Also we are underlining that trying to rehears at home is as good as having sex with the inflatable woman: no fun, no experience and just sad.
Team membersDesigner - Olga Azyukina
Art Director: Anna Gladkova
Photography and Computer Graphics: Roman Ryzhko
Production: Lummon studio
3D- modeling Michael Saprykin