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B-13-5. Mystery

AgencyOgilvy Group Ukraine
Creative headWill Rust, Ferenc Benesch
Author of ideaWill Rust, Alexandra Doroguntsova, Taras Dzendrovskii, Karolina Galacz, Zoltan Visy
ProductBank Forum
DescriptionThe campaign idea builds on the ironic exaggeration of a genuine German feature – scrupulousness. Yet, when speaking finance, preciseness can be solely perceived as a benefit. By dramatizing such an accuracy, the campaign communicates that Forum Bank runs its business and business of its clients in a well-ordered and thorough manner.

Team membersArt Director: Taras Dzendrovskii, Zoltan Visy, Copywriter: Alexandra Doroguntsova, Karolina Galacz, Sergey Kolos, Strategic Planner: Martin Alles, Producer: Irina Pigal, Account Director: Alexandra Savonik, Svetlana Korytko, Photographer: David Lukacs