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B-16-10. Greenpeace statistics

AgencyLowe Adventa
Creative headAndreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro
Author of ideaAndreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro

Greenpeace’s main activities are simple things like teaching children in schools, fighting fire, collecting and recycling trash, planting trees, etc.

Because these activities get no attention from the media, people only get to know about the ones that do: occasional activist acts.

For that reason, Greenpeace is still seen as an organization that does only protests, manifestations and pickets.

Since no one in Russia wants to support or be associated to “radicals”, Greenpeace has a hard time getting what it needs the most: volunteers and donations.


Show that what people believe to be Greenpeace’s only activities are actually the smallest part of what they do. That on a daily basis Greenpeace is, in fact, a peaceful, hard-working, law-abiding organization.
Team membersCreative Directors: Andreas Mielenhausen, Bruno Ribeiro
Art Director: Bruno Ribeiro
Copywriter: Andreas Mielenhausen
Illustrator: Bruno Ribeiro