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BC-1-26. Friday

AgencyOgilvy Group Ukraine
Creative headWill Rust
Author of ideaWill Rust, Alexandra Doroguntsova, Taras Dzendrovskii, Karolina Galacz, Zoltan Visy
ProductBank Forum
DescriptionThe campaign idea builds on the ironic exaggeration of a genuine German feature – scrupulousness. Yet, when speaking finance, preciseness can be solely perceived as a benefit. By dramatizing such an accuracy, the campaign communicates that Forum Bank runs its business and business of its clients in a well-ordered and thorough manner.

Team membersArt Director: Taras Dzendrovskii, Copywriter: Alexandra Doroguntsova, Strategic Planner: Martin Alles, Producer: Irina Pigal, Account Director: Alexandra Savonik, Svetlana Polyakova, Svetlana Korytko