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BC-5-9. Where you want

AgencyCreative Agency Avrora
Creative headPavel Khizhnyakov
Author of ideaArkadiy Rutman, Pavel Khizhnyakov
DescriptionGrundfos Sololift+ is a flexible solution for disposal of wastewater from toilets. With Sololift+ the toilet sink can be installed to any incredible place if you really need it.

Restroom is exactly where you want!
Body Copy:
Who said that your toilet should be placed exactly where it’s planned to be?
Now with Sololift you can decide where to place the toilet in your apartment! From now on your restroom is exactly where you want it to be! Forget about complicated plumbing. House, apartment, garage or attic: Sololift+ will take care of the waste water by directing it through thin pipes from any location.
Let your imagination out! Portable restrooms wherever you want them to be.
The walls of your house is your only limit.
Slogan Grundfos:
Grundfos. Technology of freedom.
Sololift+. Sewage pumps.
Team membersPavel Khizhnyakov - Creative director
Arkadiy Rutman, - Art director
Andrey Sitalov - Art director
Andrey Kondratov - copywriter