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C-4-4. It seems like my room sliding away

Agencyvasin roman studio
Creative headVasin Roman
Author of ideaVasin Roman & Dubovik Anton
Productinterior Design
DescriptionA good elevator and the elevator – apartment.

Creating a custom advertising for design-studio interiors XAAR.
Raise attention to the new residential complex of premium class, "House on the Embankment."

Premium-class building elevators  were chosen for the design studio advertisement. At the moment of realization 112 of 223 apartments were sold, 16 were renovated, and, accordingly to that, other owners were potential customers for the interior design. The essence of the project lies in the fact that getting into the elevator, person appears in the hallway of a new, cozy, designed apartments. The main wall of the cabin is a spacious living room, with its content, enhancing the overall style. The person is completely  immersed into the space that is created around, for 20 seconds enjoying the interior, that was implemented by two designers 
Team membersVasin Roman - art director
Dubovik Anton - Creative Producer
Sergeeva Ksenia - designer
Glebova Arina - designer