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E-2-15. Intel Alter Ego

Agencydigital video agency VGNC
Creative headAlexey Sobolev, Misha Koroteev
Author of ideaAlexey Sobolev, Misha Koroteev
ProductFacebook application Intel Alter Ego
DescriptionVideo is a part of intellectual Facebook application campaign - Intel Alter Ego. Application makes a brief research of users' profile activity/ content and proposes him/her the optimal choice of laptop on Intel platform.

The goal - to make experience while using application more emotional

Execution: 1 minute preroll gives us the story of a person who realized he could see anyone's alter ego clearly in a moment, at the first sight.
Team membersAlexey Sobolev, Misha Koroteev - directors, creative directors,Evgeny Gubrenko - cameraman, editor - Alexander Chernyi, Misha Koroteev