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E-6-10. Open your energy!

AgencyISD Group
Creative headViktor Shkurba
Author of ideaAlina Revenko
ProductMultivitamin complex Supradyn
DescriptionSupradin vitamins reveal the energy accumulated in human body. That doesn't give supernatural powers, but helps dealing with daily challenges easily. High speed camera video allows to see human emotions at the moment people feel the weightless body and strength to jump over ordinary capabilities. Soundtrack by TOMATO JAWS.
Team membersISD Group:
Creative Director — Victor Shkurba
Technical Director — Alexander Savin
Account Managers — Alina Revenko
Senior Copywriter — Ivan Siyak
Designers — Ilja Glad’ko, Egor Tatarenko, Elena Bazulina
Multimedia designers, programmers, developers — Andrei Sergeev, Artem Ponomarenko, Timur Sayfetdinov

Music band: Tomato Jaws
Sound producer, songwriter — Pavel Lenchenko
Actress, singer — Natalia Zhizhchenko