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B. Press
C. Outdoor
D. Radio
E. Film Craft
F. Design
G. Interactive
H. Creative use of Media
I. PR projects
J. Marketing Services projects
K. Advertising Campaigns

E-9-2. Teacher

AgencyAdventa LOWE
Creative headAlexey Pasichnik
Author of ideaKatya Amirkhanova, Dmitrii Simonov, Denis Urusov, Igor Karakuts, Alexey Pasichnik
ProductTariff "Happy"
DescriptionThe idea of the video ad is that with Kyivstar tariff you can talk not only on business but you can also simply share emotions with your family and friends.
Team members
Alexey Pasichnik – Creative Director
Igor Karakuts – Creative Group Head
Katya Amirkhanova – Senior Art Director
Dmitriy Simonov – Art Director
Denis Urusov – Copywriter
Olya Dobrotskaya – Senior Account Manager

Production: Lime Lite Studio
Peter Maguire — Director
Natasha Romanyuk – Executive Producer
Yuriy Chornenkiy – Line Producer
Music – Propeller
Post Production – Mental Drive