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E-9-4. The Pills

Agencydigital video agency VGNC
Creative headAlexey Sobolev, Misha Koroteev
Author of ideaAlexey Sobolev, Misha Koroteev
Productsocial initiative Tabletochki.org
DescriptionSocial campaign “Tabletochki” (The Pills) was created for a charity organization “Tabletochki” whose members provide Children's Hematology Center of the Okhmatdet Hospital in Kiev with needed medical supplies not registered in Ukraine. In February 2012 “Tabletochki” organized another fundraising initiative dedicated to International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD – 15.02) among advertising people and agencies. The Campaign message – being an ad person you can donate to the charity one day’s salary and save many days of children’s life.
Creative Solution – Using a viral formula "Sh*t (someone) says" we invited to take an ironic look at a day of an ad person and suggested that maybe a salary for a day like that can be put to a better use. Like helping a child with cancer. The Way of execution – popular video sketch format “Sh*t (someone) says”
First 3 parts of campaign and additional video with the “ad guy replies to comments” were published on the popular advertising site adme.ua on 10 February. The after-shot video sequence was published on adme.ua 3 hours after the main video campaign. The comments that had appeared were predictably anonymous, judgmental, full of antipathy and offensive. The Ad Guy, logically strikes back with the same tone and insulting messages.The video that gives the view the typical picture of inherent ad communications at adme.ua end with the slogan - "We believe in Ad Guys' kind hearts anyway" and calls to donate
Team membersAlexey Sobolev (film director, creative director), Misha Koroteev (film director, creative director), Arkadiy Pasechnik (editor),Vitaly Kramar (designer), Vyacheslav Nikonorov (actor)