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F-2-12. Multiband calendar “Everything is clear”

AgencyAdvertising agency "Illan"
Creative headVladimir Fedoseev
Author of ideaVladimir Fedoseev
Productcustoms and logistics services
DescriptionMCS, a logistic company’s slogan is “Everything is clear”. Therefore it was decided in the Agency to make the twelve bands calendar using Rabkin test for color blindness where the image is composed of numerous circles of the same brightness but of different colors. Only that person who perceives the entire pallet of colors will clearly see the image.
Furthermore it was vital to emphasize that the high profile company is able to deliver any cargo in the mint state without any needless add-ons and problems. For this reason every type of cargo in the picture is accompanied with its common “mate” that not only occupies extra space but all too often makes the situation more complicated. Praise to God, there is MCS that can separate everything unnecessary from your cargo. As stated in one of the calendar bands: “Fish is good. Marine reptiles are also good, despite their name. But if you wish fish only we will bring fish only, everything is clear here.

Team membersdesigner Arina Yushkevich, copywriter Daria Sholomitskaya.