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F-2-15. In black and white. DEZA studio calendar

AgencyGraphic design studio DEZA
Creative headAlexander Suvorov
Author of ideaAndrei Gricinskiy, Julia Chaycina
ProductGraphic design studio DEZA
DescriptionThere are projects which are invented and created in one breath. Our studio calendar unequivocally comes from this series. First of all, for a long time we wanted to make a calendar where there would be nothing but numbers, and probably a grain of text. And if we want something, as a rule, so we do. Secondly, we are in love with our work and give it much of our time. And when the work is perky, it is impossible to do without professional baizes, jokes and humourous catchphrases and we’ve piled up dozens of «credible stories» to be told. The only thing that remained was to sit down and splash out this intellectual and graphic luggage on paper and we did it with undisguised pleasure. This is how the calendar actually appeared, each page of which is the naked graphic truth, in black and white.
Team membersIllustrators: Julia Chaycina
Copyright: Elena Palamarchuk, Ilona Koltynyuk, Natalia Yadrihinskaya
Art Director: Irina Schmidt
Project managers: Natalia Yadrihinskaya, Elizaveta Kuleshova