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F-7-29. Rostelecom. More than you’ve expected.

Creative headArtem Shutov
Author of ideaAlexandr Burdin, Dmitrii Ardeev
ProductFebruary 23 Corporate Gift
To create corporate gifts for Rostelecom VIP-clients on February 23. The gift should emphasize new company positioning after re-branding — bright, dynamic and modern brand character.

Idea / Solution:
We followed the principles of the renewed company: think big, move forward, hear everyone. The slogan “More possibilities” — in this case means receiving something more than you have expected as a gift. New Rostelecom February 23 gifts should be truly masculine. What did all men dreamed about when they were children? What did all men dreamed about when they were children? Absolutely not about a tie, cologne, socks or pens; all these are stereotypes that we’re bored to death with. In order to surprise the recipient we’ve hidden something more under familiar things. A present for a real man are the sky, freedom, modern communication products that do not require wires, innovative technologies in everyday life.
Team membersDmitrii Ardeev, copywriting
Alexandr Burdin, design