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F-8-21. Zlata Praha

AgencyGraphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak
Creative headYurko Gutsulyak
Author of ideaYurko Gutsulyak
DescriptionDesign was created as a combination of typical symbols of historical Prague. Their list was made on the ground of previous research:
- image of an old Czech city that can be easily recognized by its unique architecture and traditional red roofs;
- stylized crown of Karl IV, who is closely associated with the “golden age” of Czech Republic;
- 1784 is the year when the independent cities on the Vltava River banks merged into a united city that is still called Zlata Praha;
- combination of red colour that is a symbol of unique beauty of places and things with gold and bronze;
- ornamental style that was typical of decorative finishing in the ancient Prague.
Team membersZoryana Gutsulyak, account manager