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G-1-21. Mission - Internet on Fire. Lays Strong

Creative headDenis German
Author of ideaDenis German, Gerogi Gogvadze, Serge Rachok
ProductLays Strong
DescriptionSolution: Fire is extremely cool and vigorous! Lays Strong website is the hotbed of fire, which spreads flames into all UAnet. The hotness of chips is stressed by inflaming fire on the speedometer. When you press the pointer of speedometer and increase the power, you are switched to the hotter flavour. Tastes are designed using the national elements of the country of the flavour origin: Hokusai engravings and African rock paintings, paper cranes, sombrero and katanas. Animation and “verve” of graphical elements of the website has been realized using JavaScript and CSS3. This enabled the effect of interaction between the website and the user during the mouse motion, not to resort to the use of Flash, and in this way assure functionality of website on popular iPad and iPhone.
Team membersDenis German - agency director, Gerogi Gogvadze - strategyst, Serge Rachok - creative director