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G-1-23. Singing together

AgencyISD Group
Creative headViktor Shkurba
Author of ideaAlina Revenko
ProductNIVEA Times shower gel
Description"Singing in the shower - 2" is an interactive mood switcher. In an online karaoke with four music videos you can sing a duet with any member of the Tomato Jaws band or any visitor.

No to scare user of a promotional site by numerous options and opportunities, we are opening new interactive features to him (karaoke, download ringtone, listen to the singing of random users, etc.) during his movement through the site.

Depending on the daytime users encounter a variety of music videos. If you come to the site in the morning, you see an invigorating orange Happy Time, and in the evening Muscle Relax will help you reduce fatigue.

Team membersAuthor of the idea and songwriter — Alina Revenko
Creative Director — Victor Shkurba
Technical Director — Alexander Savin
Developers, programmers, animation — Andrei Sergeev, Ilja Glad’ko, Artem Ponomarenko, Timur Sayfetdinov
Editing Director — Egor Tatarenko
Designers — Alexander Yaroshenia, Elena Bazulina, Natalia Tachinskaya
Copywriters — Ivan Siyak, Nina Dmitrieva, Anna Kashcheeva
Account Managers — Anna Kumaritova, Nika Belskaya
Media Manager — Ksenia Riabaya