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G-1-7. Vysotsky.Thank God Im Alive

Creative headStepan Burlakov
Author of ideaStepan Burlakov
DescriptionThe one of the year’s biggest and the most anticipated domestic movies in Russia, “Vysotsky. Thank God Im Alive” came out at the end of 2011.
Our objective was not only to create the movie’s website, but the place, where fans of the great Russian actor could be united.
The website is divided into tree time-related parts: childhood, work and the future. Each of them has unique atmosphere. They contain materials provided by private collectors, museum and Vysotsky’s relatives exclusively for the site.
We developed a special musical game to attract young audience, where users had an opportunity to play by themselves cover version of one of Vysotsky’s songs. Famous Russian rappers as Basta, Vladi and Kasta also recorded their tracks for the website.
Moreover, we started competition, where users could send their own songs’ versions. The winners of the competition and musical game got invitations to the movie’s premiere.
Team membersStepan Burlakov, art-director,designer
Yuri Gvozdenko, illustrator
Jama Jurabaev, illustrator