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G-4-11. Torrent Your Blood

Creative headDen Grishin
Author of ideaOleg Tumanov and Yegor Faizov
"Blood Transfusion Service" is a Russian state organization for blood donation and the support of volunteers in Russia. After the standard advertising campaign the client asked for an Internet project, capable of reaching the hearts of the target audience to turn them into regular donors. It is very important, because Blood Transfusion Station are no need one buzz-effect – blood has short period of use.

A close look at the way Internet torrents work revealed distinct similarities between torrents and blood donation, namely the concept of sharing what you have, as you yourself may one day need help. Moreover, a user who downloads a file receives it in segments from other members of the torrents. When a user finishes file-downloading, they need to keep on regular sharing to help other torrent-members. This is precisely the same principle as in blood donation. So we have carried out the first advertising campaign ever using torrents technology.
It is no secret that video is the most popular category on torrent sites. Video also allows for deeper audience involvement in our project. Thus encouraging empathy. With those facts in mind the choice of advertising format was clear. Having shot a short film about blood donation, we announced it on the main Russian video review site. Our film was different, in that it was available to download free of charge and only using torrent files. Upon launching the film, the user sees a notification that, at that very moment, he is a torrent donor to others wishing to see the film, and that this is a normal feature of online life. One only has to remain loyal to this principle in real life, to become a regular real-life blood donor.
The film received similar promotion to that of the launch of a major Hollywood blockbuster: advertising on major sites, a trailer, a promo-site, and full-fledged support on social media.

We managed to create a buzz around the film - campaign reach was 10,7 mln people. Within the first hour, more than 100 links to the film were shared by users in social media. In addition, 5017 users downloaded the video within the campaign.
And the main point is that many of the users openly stated their intention to go to a Blood Transfusion Station immediately.
Team membersDen Grishin, Executive Creative Director
Yegor Faizov, Digital Art Director
Oleg Tumanov, Copywriter
Anton Ten, Production Director
Anton Ovchinnikov, Senior Designer
Alexander Bakeev, Social Media Group Head
Natalia Falina, Client Service Director
Victoria Gladkova, Media Director
Alexandra Veselova, General Director at VNG
Irina Golutvo, Client Service Director at VNG
Alena Korotkova Senior Communication Specialist Of The Priority Communication Projects Department at Ministry Of Health And Social Development Of The Russian Federation