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G-4-4. Special online project “Bought in a Railway Station” for Russian Railways

AgencyMultiTec, advertising agency
Creative headViktor Zolotarev
Author of ideaMultitec advertising agency's team
ProductNew image of railway stations
DescriptionThe main task is to make potential customers think that the railway station is the place where they can purchase the products where they usually buy in another places. The pressing problem: visitors don’t consider a railway station as a selling point and don’t know the authenticity of the sellers goods and if their services of high quality. Our solution is to find out which goods do people want and ready to buy at railway stations and to propose them such products.
Online special project includes public inquiry and PDF-version of promo paper "Personal express".

Public inquiry – online
Promo page on mail.ru and tutu.ru web sites
The page contains the by-liner of the Directorate’s of Railway Stations representative. He invites to participate in measures of the railway station’s renewal strategy voting on the goods and services. Public inquiry was also made in moscow railway stations.
For popularization of promo page MultiTec created and placed banner advertising on the Internet (on tutu.ru and mail.ru web sites).
Team membersViktor Zolotarev, creative director
MultiTEC advertising agency's creative group