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G-4-7. 1000 000 reasons for wake up to life

AgencyProgression Group
Creative headM. Keshishev, creative director Progression
Author of ideaM. Keshishev, creative director Progression
ProductCoffee brand Nescafe Classic
Nescafe Classic has been the leading coffee brand in Russia for about 20 years. Due to long presence on the market its’ iconic red mug has 98% awareness across Russia as a symbol, But it loose the emotional bonding behind it. In 2011 Nescafe Classic decided to reinforce its’ positive image as “young”, “social” and “up-to-date” brand among the younger audience by conducting an integrated campaign. By choosing the most relevant media and tone of voice, Nescafe Classic aimed to engage the whole Russian online community in a cross-channel experience, gain as many young and loyal customers as possible. The campaign was to be based on the global Nescafe Classic “Wake Up to Life” brand idea.

Creative Idea
Nescafe Classic is the best way to Wake Up to Life. To prove this, we decided to ask online community the reasons why do they wake up each morning? To do the routing things? To get on time to the office? To earn some more money? Or to make the world a better place? To meet the dawn with your loved one? To kiss your children in the morning? So what if we collect all the reasons for "Wake Up to Life" and turn them into good deeds? Once one million "Wake Up to Life" reasons are collected, Nescafe Classic will donate to recover the forest in Ugra National Park, damaged after the fires in summer 2010.

Execution & Use of Media
In the "Good Morning" show on federal channel Nescafe Classic asked people all over Russia to participate in reforest ration by sharing their "Wake Up to Life" reasons through a website and Vkontakte social network app. Recruitment was also conducted online by seeding initial reasons of Internet trendsetters in social networks and banner support. As soon as the user submitted his reason it was shared in his social feed to be seen by his friends, which made it possible to generate online buzz and word of mouth. The reasons were collected into a virtual giant red mug, which literally expanded with every single participant. Each submitted reason was a bit more than just words typed by a user. It was the online community input to reforestation in Russia. When 1'000'000 reasons were collected, Nescafe Classic donated to Ugra National Park to turn users' reasons for “Wake Up to Life” into real trees.

1 211 806 people across Russia submitted their reasons for Waking Up to Life. Thousands of users supported the campaign using their social network profiles. Nescafe Classic’s application became the TOP4 branded application on Vkontakte with more than 400 000 loyal participants. Nescafe Classic once again proved to be a true love mark among the target audience and general public. This helped us to prove that there are 1 million reasons to wake up, but only one true way to do it — Nescafe Classic.
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